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When applying for a visa it is crucial to apply for the correct visa and follow the correct procedure from the beginning to avoid complications at a later stage.

We will visit you at your home or holiday accommodation while in South Africa to advise you on any visa related matter. Of course we also assist you with your visa application abroad.

When considering to buy property in South Africa the question regarding the appropriate visa for you and/or your family is inevitable. Applying for the correct visa from the beginning can save you a lot of stress with the authorities.

If you are visiting South Africa every year for longer than your exempted period, you should be aware that an application for an extension can only be applied for within the prescribed period.

We are aware that visa applications do not come without its fair amount of concerns and we can assist you to obtain the appropriate visa for your stay.

Being consulted in your native language will make you feel more understood and allow you to better express your needs and concerns regarding the visa process.

Our focus area allows us to provide a client orientated service and to focus on quality instead of quantity. It has become a trend in the immigration field to make a visa recommendation for the sole purpose of receiving a mandate from you.


You can rest assured that we will advise you whether you qualify for a specific visa or not. We will not recommend any visa that you do not qualify for or could become a problem for you at a later stage.